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marvelousga sent me here, where is my key? 

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Hi! A liked the game because of it's simplicity!

There are a lot of things to do in it but if you do the following things than this could be a frat game!

1. Add more zombie sounds and models.

2. Add more guns.

3. Fix  bugs ( you can see through some walls and you could bug in them)

4. Make bigger maps with more items , enemys and houses to make things interesting!

5. Add in that you could kill an enemy in bigger ranges too!

6 . If you shot an enemy in the head it would be an instant headshot (kill) or it would do more damage!

Nice Work! <3 ~ qLa.

Thanks! Check out our main project called medieval island :) also Flat / 480m2 is continuing of this game

my key?

my key?

My game?

Where is my key?

this isnt steam game, but

Jump link is not easy to use, try a few times on the line.

I tried, no problem ~!

Thanks for the author~!

My key?


my key ? i not take my key , give-me please

i´m pick this key and i´m pay for this?

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I tried your game. It's obvious that it's in the beginning stages so I'll spare the games simplicity. There's a few things that I would recommend.

- Shots to the head are instant kill, if not 2 shots in the very least. Zombies shouldn't die to body shots as fast as they do.
- Different audibles from the zombie and player character. Hearing "ughhhh" every shot is annoying.
- Game loaded in a black screen and changed once I fixed my resolution and graphics settings. Not sure if that is fixable.
- Different death animations. Currently all models seem to fly in the air?
- Recollect Arrows. If an arrow is shot and hits, I should be able to retract it from the zombie.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Thank you much korguul for your feedback! I will try to fix it! :)