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Awesome, got it for free thx marvelous :) )

i want 4free

Okay so I bought the game and now- *sees the game* - HOLY SHIT I AM SCARRED FOR LIVE



marvelousga bought me here for a free key and isnt working

lol i got this 4 free and it does not even work on mac ._.

well thats what happens when a game is made for windows

:P What would you do if someone made a game on mac and it only worked on Linux ._.

I don't want to be offensive but honestly the game sucks. I suggest everyone to buy it, by the way, because you have a torch. In a medieval game. And there's a street lamp. Yes.

i know it sucks and i even warned about it


dat game is epic omg i can't stop playing this game my penis grow up to 10cm + by this game love u too producers



just bought this game and haven't found any gameplay on youtube, hope its good

Thanks! have fun


well i played the game and i couldn't get very far besides the spawn location it runs very poorly and it crashed a few seconds later, i tried again and this time i had enough time to change the graphics and it still ran poorly. i bet its a great game, its just not well optimized please focus on optimization in future updates. also please post system requirements

I wait for updates and voice acting and shorter loading  screens

ps. Good game

better than skyrim


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TRASH same as Bold New World

Maybe a little different




wow its really amazing i like this game can you please make arena please with bots its really amazing



i dont know what are you talking about but i like this game more update please

Thanks I will


Is it that hard to believe?