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Well done with this game even tho it doesnt make sense

thanks a bundle <3

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I ran accross this game and i decided to test it. I downloaded it and followed the directions for the name change to get it to run. I went into the config.ini and changed all the 480m² to GameGuru (included the folder and the .exe), also change the full screen line from 0 to 1, and that worked. The game itself was very short, maybe took 5 minutes including exploration to complete. I played the game and although i found many bugs, i found it to be a decent game with alot of potential. 

Thanks much for your feedback <3

supposed to be these is free ? and now is $o.50 pls



doesn t work in my pc

im just confused, i went to the school my sister wasnt there then i ran up a wall on the side so the zombies couldn't get me and i ran to the truck and it ended. ???

Where i can find more screenshots?

is this game under the exe known as 480 squared?


yeah just remove the squared number



looks nice

i dont get it, when i get to "ice truck" screen just blank and goes to main menu. there should be some kind of text after that? but there's nothing

Nope, its current end of the game. I will work on it lator

oh i see

I'm can't run this game. More informations only on GitHub -

Hello nexsqaud

Which version do you have of "Flat."? So we can help you.


Koekske ( co-admin )

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I'm have a last version. (Sorry if I misspelled. It's because I'm from Russia and i translate a part of text in Google Translate and part at random.)

Hello Nexsquad

Is your PC 32 bit? Because this can make errors. Which error is showing up?



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My comuper is x64. Here a debug log

Hello Nexsquad

My apologies for late responding.

U tried to move the game folder to the desktop? And run it as adminstrator?

I hear it from you :)


hey nexsquad. Did you rename the folder and the game exe to anything without the periodic 2? It should work then

IT'S WORK!!!!! YAY!!!!


Hello Denis228322

Glad we helped you! :)


Koekske (co-admin)


Hello ghostxd90

Glad we helped you! :)


Koekske (co-admin)

I'm not regret buying this game, it is actually not that bad and somehow I managed to run it on my GPD Win without playing alround with my hardware emulation scripts :)

I wish the map would be a little bit lardger and more challanging zombies


Hello there! Thanks for your feedback! Today, I will try to make an update, where will be more story and dont worry, i will try to make zombies more challenging ;)


Hello Mesut_2541

Glad we helped you! :)


Koekske (co-admin)